Friday, October 17, 2014

This time around, no Duck Dynasty

Our school is really big in recognizing leaders, once a month two children are chosen from each class for their leadership qualities and then recognized in front of the whole school. It's a pretty neat way to recognize good behavior. 

Hope was so excited to head back after fall break and be one of the leaders chosen for her class. 

But even better she got to share the title with her best friend!

But let share what I'm excited about.... 

Remember when I pulled this move last year? Sending my cute daughter to school in a DUCK DYNASTY shirt on picture day?? 

I'm thankful to report I did NOT pull that boneheaded move again.

We got back her second grade proof and I was happy to see her in a proper outfit this time around.

Even though she did pull that DD shirt off with panache....


Jaime Mac said...

Well THIS picture is no fun (for us to make fun of you for!)
Is the bow the same? She must really like it...that's what I did when I was her age... I think... who can remember that long ago?

Jami said...

She is adorable, no matter what. Is that the same bow?
Really though, she rocked that Duck Dynasty shirt, hands on hip and all.

Jessica said...

Very cute outfit ! However it's those 1st grade pictures that you will never forget !!