Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Happy Birthday, Boone.

We have a friend by the name of Matt. 

And if you know Matt, there is no further explanation needed. 

If you do not have the pleasure of knowing Matt, trust me, it's a shame. He's the kind of guy that makes you laugh until your cheeks are sore, he will say ANYTHING, and as you can see he is a nut. 

That nut is the first of the group to turn the big 4-0, and I think he's as shocked by it as the rest of us.

We traveled up North on Saturday to celebrate him.

His wife Melanie threw a great party for him.

Matt is a twin...

I don't know his sister but everyone says they are nothing alike. Lord knows TWO Matt's would be a LOT to handle.

Anyways, Melanie went all out.

All sorts of sweet pictures

And delicious food.

She set the bar pretty high for those of us following closely behind Matt. COUGH. COUGH.

We brought the kids along too, and they had a ball!

They told me it was "one of the best nights EVER!"

And although this night was about celebrating Matt, Paul and I couldn't help feel it was just as much for us.

These are friends that go way back.

And now that we live away we miss them dearly.

So nights like this mean the world to us.

Especially to Paul.

Matt is his best friend and has been a dear, dear friend to him. Matt stood by his side through his illness and has always been there for him. Although Paul doesn't carry on about missing his friends, I know that he does. He's never had a friend like Matt, and I know their relationship means the world to him.

Ending an evening retelling stories we've all told a hundred times.

With all of us around a fire.

With this group there really is no other way.

Happy Birthday, Boone.


Jaime Mac said...

This is awesome! I LOVE how Melanie always goes ALL out! Everything looked great! I'm SO glad you guys were able to come 'home' to celebrate!
(& your story about Rico & Matt brought a tear to my eye...) I blame pms...

Tracey said...

I cannot say how much I love this.