Friday, October 10, 2014

Country time fun

We've been on fall break this week, and I'm quite sure we are the only ones left in the state of Kentucky. Everyone and their uncle seems to be at the beach, but we remain here, holding down the Kentucky fort. 

And holding it down with vim and vigor. 

Yeah, it's been pretty chill.

But fun.

Games out the wazoo.

And even days where we've managed to put on pants and I put on a face.

And then there was this day...

My co-worker and friend Gail, invited us out to her place for a little country time fun.

I do believe this was the only day this week that it didn't rain.

And it was simply gorgeous.

You guys know how I always get nostalgic when I'm in the country, and then have visions of living out there. I have a history of doing that.

I think I could do it.

OR maybe I just like to think that I could do it.

We had so much fun.

I was a little concerned that the kids might get bored since there were no other children there.

But they behaved beautifully. I was very proud.

I'm sure we will never make a go of the country life, but visiting?


1 comment:

Lynne and Nick said...

love the pics. Such beautiful ones from visiting the farm! And we did see lots of KY and IN license plates down in Seaside. :)