Monday, January 5, 2015

A bear I call Cody

It's been brought to my attention by a few people that I haven't blogged in over two weeks. And it's true, I have ignored the blog for the greater good. We had a talk, I told it that it had a really pretty face, it's not you it's me, but listen, we need a break. 

There were tears, there was angst, but overall I felt good about leaving it behind for a while. Sometimes you just need to live the moments. 

Nice thing about taking a break, is once you come back you have a TON of stuff to write about. No writers block for me for a while! Instead I will fill everyone in on the riveting details of our lives for the last two weeks, and painstakingly drag it out, for probably the remainder of the month. And I'm sure at that point only five of you will be reading, but hey, I'LL LOVE YOU FIVE. 

So let me begin where I left off.....

The last day of school before we began our Winter break, was the 19th. I hauled out of work early, flew across the county, and celebrated with the kids at their parties. 

They still want me there, so I'm all in.

And I was literally as giddy as they were. The beginning of a break is a very glorious thing.

I spent the remainder of the weekend planning and packing, because the majority of my break would be spent away from home. 

In fact I only had that Saturday in BG, because Sunday I rolled up to the Promised Land to celebrate a bear, that is also known as Cody. Or as I ALWAYS call him, CODY BEAR. And I warned him early on, "you will take a selfie with me on your birthday, you just have to, ok?" And you know I just adore how he humors me. He thinks I'm crazy, WHICH IS TRUE, but for some reason he treats me kindly anyways. 

December 21, a sweet day for a Cody Thomas to be born. 

Cody, Nathan, and Megan just plop right down and play with the kids.

Do you know how awesome that is for a 7 and 10 year old?

Attention from a 20 and 15 year old, is where it's at it. TRUST ME.

SO this face right here is a general Cody face. I can see it, he's annoyed with me, thinking about saying something he shouldn't, or maybe even throwing my camera through a wall.

But he loves me, and he always humors me.

Have I mentioned he's TWENTY?!

I was twenty when he was born, and the excitement I had over his arrival was BEYOND.

There are stories of how he would be perfectly content sleeping and I would tell Jo, "he looks like he needs to be held, I mean he looks sad." And I would pick up that content, sleeping baby, just because I NEEDED TO HOLD HIM.  I may have indeed played a role in ruining him, but he was so worth it.

Happy Birthday, Cody Bear, I love you.


Susie said...

It's good that you still get to go to the kids party at school!! Happy Birthday to Cody!!

Lynne and Nick said...

yay! I'm glad you're back to blogging. :)

Tracey said...

Seriously, Jo's boys are so handsome! :)

Look at me!! I'm commenting on your blog. Woo hoo!!