Thursday, April 9, 2015

Have Apple, will travel

Somewhere between Christmas and now the busy switch has flipped on in our lives. Like crazy town busy. And for the ten people who read my blog (HI PARENTS!) I apologize for my infrequent blogging, I know you want to see your grandbabies. 

So what better way to get back into the swing, with my parents visit a couple weekends ago. 

It had been six months since my parents had been here, so we were all itching to have them here for a visit! Especially the two smallest of the family.

Mom and Dad went to have lunch with the kids at school, and fortunately for my parents they opted to NOT eat said lunch. 

P and H don't get many lunch visitors these days, so I know it was a great treat for them.

Hope usually enthusiastically shows her feelings, while Pierce is a little more reserved these days. This tween stage changes things.

He didn't even want to swim in the hotel pool. :(

But Hope is still all about it!

But they both still love the idea of just hanging out with their grandparents at the hotel.

Kids were hanging out Saturday morning at the hotel and I decided to swing by and hang out too. While I should have been enjoying the company, all I could focus on was my dads impressive system he had going on.

I mean really dad?

Have Apple, will travel.

As with all our visits, it went too fast, and now we wait until the next one.

I did want to take some pictures before my parents hit the road, and I made the mistake of asking Paul to take them...

He think he's hilarious.

After a few threats he finally cooperated.

 Love this picture, love my family.


Susie said...

What a great visit! Wow that is a lot of cords going on there!!

Jaime Mac said...

Wow that display was impressive!!! What was he doing w/ THREE iPhone chargers?? I totally need to meet your dad someday....he is my idol!