Monday, April 20, 2015

It's not Easter, until the kids run away from me

Like most of our holidays we were in Indiana on Easter. 

We always make the kids wait in anticipation for their baskets.

Once they spy a basket full of sugar they always react how I would if it were a Michael Kors bag.

 After baskets we stepped outside for the traditional egg hunt.

It was an absolutely gorgeous day.

Thankfully both of them still enjoy looking for eggs.

I'll be a sad mess when Pierce decides he's too old for all this.

But for now, he's still just young enough...

We celebrate the resurrection of Christ, we give baskets, we hunt eggs, we eat until our pants need to be unbuttoned.  And then of course there are the pictures.

Those pictures of our babies all dressed up, those don't just magically happen. And I will be honest about the whole thing, it's usually painful.

Okay kids, stand here....

 No wait, let's try it here.

But you know it might look better over here, let's just go see.

Kids? What are you doing?




And based on previous Easter moments, I guess taking pictures until the kids run away is a tradition I can add to the list.

3 comments: said...

I impressed you get as many good pictures as you do. You might be my hero.

Susie said...

Cute Pictures! Sounds like a great Easter!!

Jaime Mac said...

Haha! If Hope is getting over her 'stand & strike a pose' phase in gonna be sad! :(