Friday, November 28, 2008

Chris and Gretchen's B-day Party

(Jo, this post is for you, now you can get off my back, lol)

Me and my brother always celebrate our birthdays together. My brother was born on November 18, 1965 and then I arrived November 17, 1974. Actually he's never forgiven me for ruining his 9th birthday. My mom went into labor during his party and had to leave for the hospital to give birth to me (sorry Chris) Here's a little glimpse of our combined party.

Always cute....

Seriously, when did "Cody Bear" grow up???
What a wild party, there were naked girls there!!!!!


The girls are ready for cake!!

Me and my bro opening gifts.

Seriously, how cute are these two?? Remember, young love?!?!?

Come on, you know you want cinnamon for your birthday!!!!!

Me and my honey ;)

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Tracey said...


Naked girls?

What kind of a party was that?? :)