Friday, November 28, 2008

Norman Rockwell??

Another Thanksgiving come and gone. I just love this time of year and hands down my favorite meal of the year. Why do I stuff myself as though I will never eat again, I wonder this every single year. I have PLENTY to be thankful for. Without a doubt the thing that I keep thanking my Lord for is that my husband is healthy this year. I think this is the first Thanksgiving he hasn't been sick at in years. A healthy spouse is something I would imagine most people take for granted but after years of watching Paul suffer I can't help but wish that this is just the beginning of many Thanksgiving's that he is well.

Here we all are. Another wonderful Turkey day, of course my dad is not in the picture, but I
think we kind of look like a Norman Rockwell picture!
This one you can see my cutie pie Hope
Yes, Hope was in her pajamas and she was grumpy for this photo shoot.

Gotta love my brother in the back!


Tracey said...

Looks like a beautiful Thanksgiving! I'm glad Paul was able to enjoy it this year!

Jami said...

You guys do look like a postcard family. It's awesome to see Paul healthy, you guys are amazing!