Thursday, November 6, 2008

Moments I Never Want To Forget.

I guess all moms and dads have these moments. Moments you never want to forget. Those days your child looks up at you and says something that you either think is hilarious, sad or just so stinkin' sweet. Humor me while I share a few........

**At a birthday celebration over the weekend we were having potato soup. I put the bowl of soup in front of Pierce and said "here you go" "mommy, I don't eat soup" oh you don't, why not?" "SOUP IS FOR GIRLS"

**A whisper in my ear at 6 a.m. "You are the best mommy ever"

**Calling a fly swatter a "fly spoon"

**Telling me stories "When I was a little boy"

**Hearing my little Hopie say "mommy, mommy, mommy" every morning

**Listening to her squeal in delight when she finds her paci "der it s"

**Every night looking out her window, "Moon, night-night"

YES, we've all got the moments, just hope I never lose the memories.


Tracey said...

Adorable. Such sweet memories. Good idea to write them down! :)
What about when Hopie says "Hi Wubi" to Levi?! cute

Jami said...

Those are some of the sweetest things I ever heard!

chris and megan said...

It was so crazy running into you today! It was nice getting to meet you in person. I was going to blog more about it, but you called dibs :)