Wednesday, July 11, 2012

STILL, traumatized by geese.

The entertainment committee, that consists of one member, named G. Bush, is bombarded most days with one question, "what are we doing today?"

Most days are spent at the pool, but since the weather has improved some, a day at the park was in order. 

So, I loaded up my little G here...

And sassy pants, and we rolled. 

Some of her bows are so big, she looks like she might take flight at any moment.

Even with a 20 degree drop in temps, it still wasn't SUPER pleasant, so we didn't last THAT long.

Thankfully, our sweet friends were there to join in the fun.

These kids have become quite accustomed to seeing each other regularly. The always ask about each other, even though they can fight with the best of them. But I'm sure that they will desperately miss each other once school starts.

 We all brought crackers to feed the geese and ducks, and it wasn't any time before Hope was pooped on. Ha!

Thankfully this part was nicely shaded, and we were all quite comfortable.

And enjoying ourselves.


This goose started to get a little too close for Pierce's comfort. It was only a few years ago that someone was traumatized by a goose, and he's never really recovered from that.

Do you see his distressed face behind those glasses?

After that he spent the rest of our time, behind a fence where no goose could be interested in attacking. Poor boy, he is STILL traumatized by geese.

Thankfully, Hope doesn't seem to remember that fateful day.

Now you know that just a park trip would be enough, right? So, we loaded up for some lunch, where Lukey got a hold of my camera.

Not too bad, huh?

Oh, wait.

Okay, bad.

Once I saw those pics, I confiscated it back, and bribed with ice cream. 

That did the trick.

Overall, I would say that the entertainment committee of G. Bush did well today. Bad call on the geese maybe, but nothing that good friends, food and ice cream couldn't fix.


Susie said...

Sounds like a fun day except the geese pooping on poor Hope!!

Jami said...

I remember that trip to the zoo!!! Funny thing, Cooper was oblivious to those geese, yet if that happened now he would be terrified.

Love Pierce's outift, it's about as good as the day he came out wearing a tie. Remember that? He was like 4 or something.

the lewis gang said...

i love reading your blog and the way you word things! you crack me up!

Angie said...

What a fun day! Our temps have finally dropped some here too and although it isn't exactly comfortable, it's bearable!

I don't know how I feel more sorry for, Hope or Pierce. Getting pooped on or getting chased, that is a tough call :)

The McAfee's said...

I was attacked by a goose on a run a few years and I still lose sleep too! Poor kid!! I HATE when I see geese coming up!

melanie said...

most people list spiders and snakes as the most feared but I would have to say geese should make the list

Jaime Mac said...

Looks like G pulled out a great day! I LOVE that pic of Hope with her hands on her hips. She's hilarious!