Sunday, July 22, 2012

Let's get this party started.

With school, right around the corner, I knew we had to head up for one last hoorah to the land of milk and honey.

What is the land of milk and honey, you say?

What is the Hoosier state, Alex?

Uh, you know it!

So, we arrived today, and have a 10 day trip planned. Packed full of family, friends, and Indiana goodness. 

And we waisted no time getting busy with the parties. First up, was a celebration of two special peeps....

This one, by the name of one Christopher John.

And this one I refer to as Dad, also known as John Kent or DaddyMac.                    

My sweet nephew, is now 27 years old, eek! I was 10 years old when he was born, and was soooo excited to have a baby to play with. 

And my dad, well, maybe he wouldn't appreciate me spilling his age? But I'll say this, he's 30 years ahead of me. (Oh, and that's my brother behind us. Um, he does appear like he's in a coma like state...)

So, maybe this picture is slightly better?

Kids are so happy to be here, especially to be with their beloved cousins.

And I'd say the feeling is mutual? Maybe.

So, that's all I have for today. But rest assured, with a dad that goes by the name DaddyMac, I will have  the ability to update daily. That is as long as I'm up to it and you guys want them??


Jami said...

Yes, Yes, Yes we want updates. Everyday!

The McAfee's said...

OF COURSE!! Looking forward to Wednesday! :)

Angie said...

You know we want updates EVERYDAY!!!
Enjoy every second of your visit

Jaime Mac said...

Yes we want updates.

UHM, I didn't know you had a brother? Was he not on the big family vaca or did I totally miss that?!

Susie said...

Love hearing about your adventures!!

Granny G said...

I love all the news!! Please update!