Monday, March 4, 2013

What a difference a year makes

It was February 8th of last year, when my nephew Cody was in a routine basketball practice and somehow, freakishly, broke his tibia and fibia. 

That break meant that the boy who had played ball since he could walk, was going to be out indefinitely. 

This also meant when the team won the sectionals last year, he had to just sit and watch from the bench.

And the pictures of the team helping him up so he could cut the net?


So it was a year of uncertainty.  Would he play his senior year? Heck, would he ever play again at all? I remember talking to him on vacation last summer, and you could tell he wasn't sure he would play again.

But in that years time, he had lots of therapy, lots of conditioning, and tons of hard work.  And Saturday night was the night it all paid off.

I was beyond sad that I could not be there, all I wanted was to be there to watch him play his last game on his home court, but instead I had to settle for non-stop texting all night...

Two hours away, but my heart was in Borden, Indiana.

I knew the energy was insane in that gym.

Heck, the energy in my living room was pretty hyped, I was jumping around and couldn't sit still!

And then I finally got the word. THEY WON. So I did what any sane person would do, I RAN DOWN THE HALLWAY, I guess in an expression to run the court? WHO KNOWS.

But just like a scene from a movie

These kids did rush the court.

And here is where I begin to blubber, like a big blubbering buffoon.

When I saw these pictures on Sunday morning, I lost it! How shall I explain Cody? Well, he's best summed up as non-emotional, non-excitable, and just generally even. You know, like a line. Yeah, that's Cody.


It's a whole different Cody.

And it just plain makes me weepy to see him so expressive.

And let's talk game stats: 18 points, and 8 rebounds

And voted first team all sectional. (I didn't know what that meant, but my sis explained it to me)

All the coaches in the sectional vote on who they thought the top players were, and Cody was voted in the top 5 among ALL the teams. Quite an honor.

Next up is regionals.

But for now, it's time to bask in the afterglow.

You hear so many horror stories about teens, and as a parent I think we all brace ourselves for those years.

But I for one, personally know a mom who is prouder than a peacock of her TWO awesome teens.

And I for one am thankful for the difference a year can make.


Tracey said...


Hillary said...

What an amazing post!!! I just love to hear inspiring stories about really successful teens! Kudos to both Cody and your sister for a job well done :). Your sister should start a blog and pass along some "how to raise a successful teenager" tips. ;)


Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Awwww. Seeing the pictures makes it even more exciting ... and I already knew how it ended! What a night.

Alicia Mcafee said...

WOW!! Those pictures are AWESOME!!!! What a great story!!!

Jessica said...

How exciting! Sorry you couldn't be there....hope your sweet boy is feeling better.

Lynne and Nick said...

Yay Cody! Great, great pics.

Susie said...

Congrats to Cody and his team!!

Kiersten Marie Hoehn said...

Good job! NH lost by 1 to our rival, Corydon! It was an awesome game, though.

Jami said...

Love it! So exciting, love the pics of his emotions. He will remember this forever.

Jill said...

Wow! Love Indiana high school basketball. What a GREAT post! :)

Jaime Mac said...

yea...I'm crying too... I hate you...

bethjosh said...

ahhh - add me to the crying list :-)

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