Sunday, March 10, 2013

Slowly but surely

I've already established that BOTH of my kids have been sick, for what seems LIKE FOREVER. 

And basically this weekend has been a mirror of last weekend, just a different child. 

Hope woke me up on Saturday getting sick yet again. But the thing is, she had nothing left in her poor body to even get rid of, so it was at this point I started to freak out, a wee bit, whole heck of a lot. Hope is a small child, and I just was sure she was going to become dehydrated. Of course I did the rational thing and Googled it, so I could BE SCARED OUT OF MY MIND, seriously don't do that to yourself, you'll have your child with 64 diseases and yourself in a mental ward. But after a few discussions, Paul and I decided if she were to get sick one more time that I should take her to the ER. 

That one more time happened, so off we went. 

And indeed she was dehydrated.

It was a really long night in the ER with tons of tests, but thankfully it was easily treated.

Did I mention I was up the entire night?  Somehow, I don't recover from those kind of nights like I used to. Old lady probs.

BUT, my dear Hope seems to slowly be coming around.

Slowly but surely.


Susie said...

Poor Hope!!! They looks so pitiful when they get like that!!

Hillary said...

Poor baby! Ya'll need a break from all that sickie mess! Hope that everyone is back to being healthy soon!!


Jami said...

So glad she is feeling better, poor little girl.
Love that picture of you two sleeping on the couch.

Jessica said...

I am so sorry. I know that was scary for all of you .

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

I was SO glad to see that you guys were back home and she was starting to recover over the weekend ... poor Hope! Pitiful. That bug is going around all over the place. Hope she's about 100% by now!