Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Definition of summer

Definition of summer:

1) The warmest season of the year, in the northern hemisphere from June to August and in the Southern hemisphere from December to February.  (per the internet, you know because google says so)

Definition of summer from a mom:

An idyllic time with your children to watch them play and frolic like young children should. 

Reality of summer:

A time of year when your children fight on a regular basis and by the end of the day you are at your wits end. 

I mean really, why all the fighting? Honestly, how hard is it to get along? And why must I be on them daily about this? AND WHEN WILL IT STOP.  

But between fights our summer is quite lovely. 

I'm doing my best to soak it all in.

And the perks of being home with the kids aren't too shabby.

There are plenty of moments without fights

Those moments just need to last longer.

Like all day longer.

 Something that helps is having friends around to play with them.

I guess this takes the focus off each other.

And lots of activities helps too.

You can't really fight when your head is stuck in a fountain.

 But you can shoot your aggressions out.

Oh these kids.

I love them to pieces. 

And even though they drive me crazy at times

I don't want this thing summer thing to end.

In all it's good and ugly ways, I love it.


Susie said...

Have a fun summer!! Looks good so far!!

Jami said...

I am loving summer this year. I also love pool time to wear the kids out.

Hers and His said...

Great pics!

melanie said...

i blog of creeks and you of the pool. I need to take some time to lay by the pool. :)

Anonymous said...

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Alicia Mcafee said...

Great post!!! I agree with it all! :)