Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Hang on tight

I think it's known that I'm a softie, and I'm not referring to my mid-section. 

I'm a sap to the core.

 Like, play sad songs so I can weep sap. Or let me look at old pictures so I can sit in the fetal position and suck my thumb sap. 

So when it was time for us to head up to the Holy Lands for Cody's graduation, one might assume I would be a basket case. And in general that would be the norm, but there's something about graduations....


Seriously. Graduations are the worst. I hate them. 

But as I've said before, love crams yourself in a gym....

And gets overheated.

Just to get a glimpse of that one special person.

And there he was, the reason we were all there.

And we all said the exact same thing at the same time, "how did he manage to get his hat straight back on his head just so?" I'm still perplexed how he managed that.

But here they all are!

The Borden graduating class of 2013.

And so the ceremony began.

And thank goodness I had them to distract my attention.

I was finally spotted, and as you can see me and my camera were greeted with looks of affection.

Seriously, how did that hat stay on?

As I looked around, I noticed most people seemed to have the same sentiments about graduation.

Even some of the students couldn't stop the yawns.

Thankfully there were a few laugh-out-loud moments.

 But before we knew it, it was finally time.

See the cute blonde on front row second from the left? That's Cody's cutie-patootie girlfriend.

And sadly we chose the wrong side and missed the actual hand-over-the-diploma part of the ceremony.

But we were whoppin' it up when they moved those tassels.

And Cody expressed his emotions with a gentle toss of the cap.

And just like that it was over!

Of course we were all anxious to hug Cody, but just so you know, he's still a legend.

He did make time for the little people.

And after I threatened him with bodily harm, he even agreed to go out do dinner with all of us.

His official party isn't for a couple weeks

And I know that he had better offers on the table than hanging out with us, but I'm so glad that he did.

You guys, time goes so fast.

He was just born.
He was just two.
He just started elementary school.
He just started junior high.

And I'm fully aware that one day soon I will be saying, he just graduated high school!

But the older I get, the clearer it all becomes

We all need to hang on tight.


Hillary said...

And now I'm tearing up like a big goon... :)I simply refuse to acknowledge that one day sooner than we'd like, it'll be our kiddos crossing that stage. Please let time slow down!


Susie said...

They do grow up fast!! Congrats Cody!!

Jaime Mac said...

I completely understand this post. When my niece graduated,ahem, 8 years ago I was the same way...except I've only known her since she was like 8. What an exciting time & a FUN graduation! Cody the superstar! Love it!