Monday, June 17, 2013

Until next season..

Since April we have spent hours at the baseball field. 

And boy did I like to complain about all those said hours.

But all complaining aside, this baseball life grows on you.

As we headed into the playoffs, of course all of wanted the boys to do well, but I think more importantly, we were all wanting wins so the season wouldn't be over.

And those Tigers started out strong!

With a major upset the first game!

And then another win!

But eventually we faced a team that was the equivalent of the Yankees. Geesh.

It was a hard loss, but more than anything I think the boys were shell shocked, what with their rap music blaring and do-rags on their heads.  As Pierce asked me later that night, "mom where were those kids from?!" Ha!

Our final game was Saturday morning, and before I knew it, I was watching them do their very last team huddle.

As one of the other moms said to me, "our family is going to need baseball therapy, we're all sad and going to miss you guys!"

And it's true! You get attached to the kids, the moms, and even the coaches.

Pierce keeps saying to me, "I can't believe the season is over" and as much as I was ready for a break, I feel the same way.

But for now, it's over.

Until next season...


Tracey said...

Bittersweet :) Can you imagine when the boys are playing 5 or 10 years from now?! ;)

Hillary said...

Sheesh, that's how we feel about soccer :/. 4 practices a week and games on saturday were enough to drive me batty but we sure do miss the kiddos we played with and the coaches!


Jeff said...

I think it's great you all ended up "enjoying" it so much. Looks like a lot of baseball in your future :)