Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Two great places I call home

Oh the beauty of Indiana.

 The splendor, the music in the air, the milk-and-honey.

Okay, I am fully aware that I tend to go overboard and 'wax poetic' about Indiana. I know I do. Some of it is just for dramatics, and some of it is for real.

And truth be told, I love Bowling Green too. It's just as beautiful, the people are great, and it's totally fair to say that my heart now belongs to two places.

But you know how it is. The place you grew up, is just home. And I suppose if I had never moved away I wouldn't have the fondness and appreciation I have for it now.

And the kids, oh man they love it too.

  It's safe to say that they appreciate going back for visits in a new way now too.

Even the simple things like bath time are more fun!

 And listen, I could easily plop myself in one spot my entire visit.

But I did manage to get myself out of the house.

And of course I took photos! DUH!

One night I got to visit with some friends that I had not seen in almost three years.

Working in visits with my friends is always a must.

And of course so is time with the family.

No matter what I am always thankful for each and every visit home.

And I'm also thankful for two great places that I call home.


Tracey said...

I hate when you visit. It reminds me how much I like you.

Just a little over 3 weeks!! Woot!

Susie said...

That is good that you can call 2 places home now!!

Jami said...

I love your little Indiana visits, but I really love your long Indiana visits.

Jessica said...

What a nice post. I think it's so nice you feel that way.