Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Let the healing begin

Monday was the big surgery day, you know, #operationremoveallyourladyparts. 

Jo gave me permission to blog about this, but she did have one rule, which I will get to later. 

It wasn't too long ago that some of Jo's tests came back showing pre-cancerous cells, which of course you never want to hear anything with the word cancer in it. But then the follow-up test showed even more cancerous cells. One cancerous cell lead to another, and ultimately it was decided that everything needed to come out. 

So Monday morning the Clampetts all came rolling in, crammed ourselves into a tiny room, and waited. 

Because as it goes with any surgery or anything hospital related, it didn't start on time.

But that's hospital life, just sit and wait it out.

Thank goodness the big guys were there to entertain my kids!

And thank goodness these big guys had their devices to keep them entertained too.

Considering all the hours we spent there, the kids did great!

Even the 18 year old.

But before we knew it she was finished and we could go see her.

 Oh, and that one rule?

No pictures of Jo.

And like the perfect sister that I am, I almost abided 100%, but I did sneak in one.

As we sat in a dark room while she slept, I just couldn't help it.

Perfect sister, right?

 This perfect sister is happy that she can be here to help her big sister out.

And I'm even happier that she's home now and resting.

Let the healing begin!


Tracey said...

So glad the surgery went well and she is home. :) Praying for a quick recovery!

Love Hope's outfit. ;)))

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Hope recovery goes swiftly!

Hillary said...

I'm so glad that all of that is behind her! Praying that any future test come back 100% clean!


Jami said...

Good for you on being a good sister ad obeying a no picture rule. Praying she continues to heal well.

Jessica said...

Sorry she has to go through this :( She is lucky to have a sister like you.

Kerry said...

So sorry to hear that your sister had to go through that, but so glad to hear that she has the best support system and that she is on the road to recovery!!