Friday, June 7, 2013

Five things I fancy

It was nearly five years ago when I went over to Tracey's house one night just to hang out and she announced I would be starting a blog. I protested loudly but she didn't listen and set it up anyways.  

I didn't want to blog. 

But as time progressed I began to love it and found myself always wanting to blog. Thankfully the posts have somewhat evolved.  :-) 

I mainly blog for my family, but a great thing that has come out of it has been a connection to people I would have never known otherwise. 

For example: 

Of course, there are many others! But those are some that I know I would have never "met" were it not for blogging. 

So, the other day when I was cruising around reading blogs, I noticed that Kerry had tagged me in a post about five things that I fancy. And considering she lives in AUSTRALIA I just knew I needed to play along. 

I would never normally say I "fancy" something, but for the sake of the game, I will use the word fancy. :-)

1) I fancy sleeping. 
What's not to fancy about it? It's just like the best ever. And thankfully for 57 days I get to do more of it. HOLLA. 

2) I fancy coffee.
Like the best thing about going to sleep, BESIDES SLEEPING, is that you get to wake up and have coffee the next morning. It's just the hairspray on the good hair. PERFECT.

3) I fancy shopping.
Listen, saying I "fancy" shopping is almost paining me. I LOVE SHOPPING. Honestly, I could be an addict.

4) I fancy photography.
I really love looking at good photography. I hope to one day to learn how to do it correctly, and upgrade with lenses, etc.

5) I fancy dancing.
Dancing is just a part of me. And as corny as this might sound, I dread if there is ever a day I can't play my music and dance. I love to turn the music up and get down! It puts me in a good mood and I just love it!

Kerry, there you have it! Five things I fancy! Thank you for inviting me to play, and thank you for connecting with me all the way from AUSTRALIA!

Blogging rules! Have a great weekend my bloggy people!


Hillary said...

Woot Woot!! I love shout-outs! :) (and coffee)

Happy Weekend!

Hers and His said...

Who doesn't fancy coffee and sleeping?! I wouldn't make it through the day without my coffee!

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Okay, still have 916 blogs in my Reader to make it through, including probably many more of your posts! But I just got to this one ... thanks for the shout-out. You know the feeling is mutual! Love that we met through the Internet!