Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The event of the weekend did not involve a real shower.

The event of the weekend?

The event that had Hope beside herself in excitement?

Her very first baby shower. 

Oh me. 

Since I had told Hope that we would be "going to Jaclyn's baby shower soon" it seemed all our conversations lead to that very topic:

"Mommy, when is the shower?"

"Mommy, who will be at the shower?"

"Momma, what will we do at the shower?"

"Mommy, whose baby will take a shower?"

No joke. It didn't dawn on me that she would take the term "baby shower" LITERAL. But I guess it makes sense when you don't have any other reference, and you are only 6 years old. 

But her main reason for such excitement?


Hope loves babies.

And any chance to be around them, talk about them, or learn about them pleases her like punch.

And it pleased me to look over and see Jaclyn taking a practice turn with a sweet little baby. OH EM GEE, SHE'S HAVING A BABY SOON! SQUEEEEEE!

The shower itself was very shower-esque.

Games, finger foods, sweets, and gifts out the yahzoo. I don't share fond love for baby or wedding showers, but it was exciting to see Jaclyn getting goodies.

And Hope was itching to get all up in the action.

Thanks to Aunt Jo-Jo she finally worked up enough courage to get right up in it.

And she was in it to win it.

And I'm sure contemplated taking down her competition.

Competition and all, Hope's first baby shower, (even if a baby was not literally showered) was a success.

And now she waits with anticipation for Mr. Camden to arrive.

But that goes for all of us.

Hurry up Camden Carter, Aunt G is READY!


Alicia Mcafee said...

I love that she really thought she was showering a baby. I just love little minds!!!!

Susie said...

That's to funny that Hope thought about a baby actually getting showered!! Ellie thought the same thing! I remember her asking me questions about it to!!

Jessica said...

Everything is more fun with a six year old little girl. Ps. I love your dress

Angie said...

Showering a baby, too cute!
I guess to a 6 year old that is what the term sounds like!
Glad Hope had a great 1st shower!

Tracey said...

It's so sweet how they respond to babies! I love it!! You looked adorable, as did Hope! Glad you finally wore your dress :)))

Jill said...

I love how literal kids are. And I LOVE your dress and bubble necklace. Adorable.