Monday, August 12, 2013

Class of '93

In May of 1993, a group of big-haired, big-headed, life-lovin' kids walked down the isle to pomp and circumstance to leave behind all that they knew. It was time to spread our wings and leave behind the easiest days of our lives. 

And that was twenty years ago. 

WHA? Did I say TWEN-TY? 

Yes, I have been out of high school for twenty years, and THAT is just straight up ridiculous.

 Never one to miss a good time, I loaded myself up for a whirlwind trip home so I could go hang out with people who knew a very different Gretchen. 

I went to a very small private school, and when I say small, I mean small.

My graduating class was a grand whopping total of....28 kids! Which was actually a big class for GCHS, my sister graduated in class of 13, so 28 was massive.

So when you see this picture of a mere 10 people it might seem sort of sad, but to me it feels like home.

 I went to school with two of these girls all the way through K-12, and the rest of us all joined together by seventh grade.

These two I've known since kindergarten...

And Lyndsay and I go back to seventh grade.

And although we are all approaching forty, have careers, kids, and mortgages, get us together and suddenly we are back....

Uncontrollable laughter, giggles, whispers and all.

I'm sad we were missing 18 of us

 But maybe by our 25th or 30th we can can get us all together.

I'm so glad that I didn't miss it.

It was a fun night of reminiscing, catching up, and capturing if even for just a few minutes, those old class of '93 feelings.

And now I will sign off with our infamous class saying.....

We are sexy, we are free, we're the class of '93


Jaime Mac said...

We are sexy, we are free? I'm shocked Graceland let you even think that! :)
Hard to believe its been TWEN-TY years. It does NOT seem like it does it? Next year is my (gulp) TWEN-TIETH.

Alicia Mcafee said...

Love the hair. I mean LOVE the hair!!!! That's fun!

Kerry said...

Gosh you are so old Gretchen, I left school only 19 years ago, but you left 20 years ago?! Hehehe I have done the math and you must be only 12 months older than me then :)
So not that old after all...
Love the pictures, it looks like a fun group and that is pretty cool you guys all got together again (albeit that 18 were missing!?)
Oh and your hair was um, curly back in highschool :) Seriously though, you were very pretty back then and you still are now! xo

Susie said...

That is fun being with the people who graduated with you. It is better when it is smaller because you all can be easier to talk too each other.

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

All the hair on your head today = just your bangs in high school. (Same goes for me.) ;-)

Jami said...

I swear it seems like yesterday you were starting this blog and blogging about your 15 yr reunion. Why does time move so fast?

Glad you had a good, fun fast weekend.

the lewis gang said...

no wonder jeff high scares you!!! 28 people? that's just one of 30 classes per grade level there! hahahaha!

Jill said...

Fun! Love your dress. And totally forgot you went to school with Lindsey. {I used to teach with her. ☺}

Jessica said...

GOod for you! Looks like a fun time. You look great then (big hair and all) and now :)

Tracey said...

We are sexy, we are free?? OH so funny!

Glad you had a fun time! I would go, too, it it was just 28 people. Ha!