Monday, August 19, 2013


Seems lately all of our weekends have been so busy, you know with baby showers and reunions and such. So when I realized we had absolutely nothing planned this weekend, I became excited at the idea of an ordinary weekend. 

Sometimes you just need ordinary

So with my ordinary weekend I decided I should be productive. Which by the way, productive in the mind and the productive in actuality are two totally didn't things, aren't they? When I had all these clothes to deal with I suddenly decided being productive was completely overrated. 

So I had to motivate myself....


And coffee made it somewhat bearable.

Oh and the fact that Paul got the kids out of the house helped too. He took them to see Planes, and didn't take a single picture! It's like he forgot he's married to a mommy blogger. I mean, really.

You know I pretty much stayed makeup-free and in my happy pants all weekend, except for a little excersion with Hope.

We went to the happiest place on earth..

 Where I told her she could get  a "reward" for sleeping in her bed all night. (YES SHE IS SIX AND STILL GETS IN OUR BED. JUDGE NOT LEST YE BE JUDGED)

Here's a funny about my girl, she opted to look for clothes instead of toys.

And just so you mom to girls know, once you move up to the "bigger" girl clothes, be prepared for an onslaught of hoochie trashy looking junk.

And sadly on our ordinary weekend Pierce wasn't quite up to par.

I'm praying it's just allergies.

Sooooo that's it.

Boring, ordinary weekend, and I loved every minute of it.

Oh, but I do have to show this....

Paul somehow either heard about this, or saw this somewhere and just had to try it. Seriously you guys.


Susie said...

Love an ordinary weekend. Looks like you all still enjoyed it.

Hillary said...

That was awesome! I can't believe you can really do that to girls hair! What kind of odds do you give me that I can do my own that easily? :)


Jami said...

Is that a vacuum?

I like ordinary weekends, they are fun.
Hope Pierce feels better today.

Lynne and Nick said...

Ordinary can definitely be great. And, cool hair trick!

Kerry said...

seriously no pictures from the cinema? What was he thinking? ;)
Hope your little man is feeling better now, nothing like feeling ordinary on an ordinary weekend :(
Your washing pile looks like mine, I no sooner get rid of one I get another!!
I love You've Got Mail (is it called shopgirl over there?) I have seen that movie a hundred times :)
I saw that hair trick somewhere, and I actually tried it hahaha

melanie said...

paul will never surprise me with the things a 64 guy can do. you tell him i said so. :)

Alicia Mcafee said...

Looks fun to me! :)