Monday, June 16, 2014

The lights are out on the baseball season

As of this very moment I can say that the lights have gone out on our baseball season.

Each season I feel happiness when it ends, and also sadness.

And I'm not the only one. You end up spending so much time at the field with all these people that you end up getting attached.

And while the season was a rough one, Pierce is already asking me to play fall ball, travel ball, etc...

We did end with a win, which was a nice way to close out the season. And Pierce was in for a surprise when the coaches announced he would be receiving the achievement award.

None of us really knew what that meant, but it sounded good! Awards would be given out Friday night at the Little League banquet, which was also a first for us. We just knew we had to show up at the Hot Rods stadium decorate a table?

But dang, these people REALLY decorate their tables. We're talking Pintererst to the MAX.

Our table was kinda sad in comparison.

No joke, some people went ALL.OUT.

But the kids could have cared less about tables and monogrammed mugs, they were pumped about actually getting a chance to play on that big ol' field! 

I figure they must have felt pretty big time out there.

While Paul said all he felt was a big hot mess running after balls.

But Pierce?

Getting a chance to bat in there too?

That was pretty awesome.

The night drug on for HOURS. FOUR HOURS TO BE EXACT.

But Pierce going down front to receive an award sort of made up for all of that.

Coach Chris said some really great things about Pierce, and I'm sure Paul and I may have bust a button or two.

While I think Pierce was feeling pretty embarrassed to be standing in front of all these kids. 

But it was worth it in the end. 

He had a great season and we are so proud of the little man Pierce is becoming.


Susie said...

Good to see that he enjoyed playing!! Congrats to Pierce on the trophy!!

Tracey said...

Yay Pierce!! It's always sad to me when baseball ends. There's just something about watching your son play that warms your heart. LOVE IT!