Friday, June 13, 2014

In which my bathroom got cleaned

As of today at 3:00 we will have officially made it to our summer break! WHOOT! Let the break begin, please and thank you.
The kids have been tagging along with me for seven days while I finish out my days. And while they are generally very well behaved, it has still been exhausting for all three of us. Being with your kids 24/7, well being with ANYONE 24/7, can be hard.
There was one day in particular that was a little harder than the other days, and I know the kids were sensing my stress. We got home, I got grabbed a cup of coffee and plopped myself down to just sit.
I was about five minutes into my de-stress time when I realized the kids were being crazy quiet and definitely up to something. I was too lazy to get up and see what they were doing, so like any sophisticated woman I just yelled, "KIDS WHAT ARE YOU DOING?"
It was then I was given strict instructions to just keep sitting and wait until they came and got me....

And those two sweet faces had a big surprise for me in my bathroom. I walked in and was greeted by the cleanest bathroom I've had in quite some time.

Those two decided to help me out and clean my bathroom. TOTALLY UNPROMPTED.

And they did a great job! But even better than a clean bathroom was the note they left me.

Being a parent is hard.

But then they do stuff like this and I cry and feel like a schmuck.


 I'm so thankful for these two.



Susie said...

That is just the sweetest thing I heard!! What sweet kids!!

Jaime Mac said...

So awesome they did that! I love their little note! :)

But I totally hope you're going to exploit this every chance you get... Want them to clean their rooms? Have a melt down....
Want them to clean your kitchen? Have a melt down.
It's genius.

Hillary said...


Jami said...

That is super sweet, you have some amazing kiddos.

Jessica said...

How sweet is that! You will never forget that.

Angie said...

So Super Sweet!!!
Hope you all enjoy your summer break :)