Thursday, June 5, 2014

It's a wrap!

We loaded up into the car line yesterday with a little extra giddy in our giddy up, because it was finally the LAST DAY OF SCHOOL. 

Funny how long a school year can seem, but yet also so short. I mean how can I on one hand say, "this year is taking forever!" then turn around and say, "where did the school year go?"

 Honestly I think as a mom it's a required statement on both ends, it's just part of receiving your mom card.

And seriously here we are, my children are now finished with first and third grade. AND THAT'S CRAZY TOWN.

Yesterday the first grade classes invited their parents to come and listen to them read to them, it was a "celebration of learning."

We were all piled up on blankets spread throughout the play yard, where we listened to our kids read on.

Hope kept getting distracted by her friends nearby, but we finally made it through a couple of books.

Hope's teacher, the wonderful Mrs. Flynn, told us we were free to go after we finished up our reading.

Leave a little early? DON'T MIND IF I DO.

Just let me buzz on down to Pierce's room and pick him up too! OR SO I THOUGHT. I had to PUMP.THE.BRAKES because Pierce didn't want to be picked up. No, he wanted to stay at school till the very end so he could be with his friends.

And maybe that decision can explain his response to leaving school yesterday. He was really tore up, and it honestly broke my heart for him. We made our trip for frozen yogurt and it took him some time to get excited about the upcoming break.

Pierce is such an old soul. He takes everything seriously: his grades, his sports, his friends, his family, and he's just a soft hearted child.

I feel his pain.

But sadness aside, this was a fantastic school year.

Hope's reading and writing are on point, and she's got enough BFFL's to last her to middle-age.

Pierce's math is above my level (by like a zillion) and he's just a great student. (I've also tried to back off of him a little more this year, example: I didn't ask for a picture with his teacher, so he wouldn't put up a sign, BAN MY MOM FROM THIS SCHOOL FORVER)

I guess you could say we've all changed this year!

And with that I can officially say, it's a wrap! Watch out second and fourth grade, we are coming after you!


Jan Moyer said...

How happy it makes me to hear how much you love your kids' teachers and how much they love school. Just what I needed as we gear up for all the end of year fun/chaos. 3 weeks to go here!

Susie said...

Sounds like a great last day. Sorry for Pierce but I know you will make the summer fun for him.

Lynne and Nick said...

hello summer!! Congrats on a great school year!

Jami said...

That's sweet of Pierce, although I know it made you sad. It's great that he likes school so much.