Friday, June 27, 2014

Die? We did not. Get soaked? We did.

We are back home in BG now, and it feels good to be back in my routine, because I'm old like that. But I still have a lot to share from our time in the land that flows in milk-n-honey. 

You know who I miss getting my hands on? A little blue eyed baby, that's who. 

Christopher texted me one morning and asked if we were down for lunch and the walking bridge.

A chance to see these short chubby legs in person? I'M IN.

Christopher and Jaclyn live in downtown Jeffersonville, and I was amazed at how much it's grown down there. It's really nice.

And the Big Four Bridge is so nice!

A mile each way

That lulled my chubby buddy right to sleep.

And on the Louisville side there is ice cream, playgrounds, and a splash park.

We weren't prepared in way of a swimming attire, but that didn't stop Hope! Pierce didn't want to get his clothes all wet, but little did he know..

Yeah things were looking ominous.

And we eventually headed back to Jeff.

I took a selfie in case I died up there on that Big Four Bridge. "Woman takes selfie right before she was electrocuted to death."

Die? We did not. Get soaked? We did.

Running full speed ahead for two blocks in the pouring rain with Christopher so we could rescue the rest of the family who were taking shelter? Yeah I wish I could share that with everyone. Just imagine me slowly running behind jack flash screaming almost the entire way. It was ugly.

But we all made it safe and sound, and no one was electrocuted.

Just chalk it up to makin' memories.

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Susie said...

Oh I can't imagine getting caught in a rain!! Glad you enjoyed your time with everyone though!!