Monday, June 2, 2014

Purpose #1 and Purpose #2

My parents came for another visit last week for two specific purposes: Watch Pierce play a baseball game and watch both the kids participate in field day.
Purpose #1 came to a screeching halt when it rained for twenty minutes and game was then canceled. Lameola.
However, we are flexible group and took advantage of the sudden free time and just hung out with each other.
This left a lot more room for deep conversations

And snuggle time.

Between purpose #1 and purpose #2, there was some extra time for other activities.

Specifically a little time to spoil the kids.

Pierce chose a new hat with a brim the size of an Oldsmobile.

Yeah this wide brimmed hat trend is something isn't it? I Told Pierce he's beginning to look like Spike Lee.

We just need to add some lettering...

But as far as purpose #2?

Well I am happy to report that it went off without a hitch! Rain was in the forecast but thankfully it held off and they were just stuck with crazy heat.

Mom was so good to send me pictures while I was at work.

I really do hate missing this stuff.

But next best thing is having a set of Grandparents there to stand in your place.

I'm always thankful for visitors

And I'm really thankful that the school year is almost finished! HOLLA!



Susie said...

What great parents for taking pictures for you!!

Jami said...

That's sweet they could do field day, I'm sure the kids loved it!