Friday, August 29, 2014

A beautiful day

The day that had been set into motion months ago was finally here. 

A shower to celebrate Brittany and Emaline.

Cindy and I began to talk about it months ago, so as with anything that has been planned for a long time it almost seemed surreal that the day was finally here. 

Cindy was sweet enough to let us use her home.

And I think it all turned out pretty beautiful.

I just love "shower food"

A little of this, a little of that. YUM.

And my favorite part of the food is the cake.

Not only pretty, but also delicious!

Crazy to think we were all celebrating the life of this little girl a world away and she has no idea.

Her mommy has been anxiously and lovingly planning on her for months. But this day was just for Brittany to relax and feel the love. All the love of those who have been behind her during this entire process.

And here we are, the official crew that helped put on the shower. Heather, Brandy, GUEST OF HONOR, myself, Christina, and Cindy. AKA: the small group girls, doing our best college girl pose.

All the guest began to arrive and you know what women do when they gather....


 So much talking! Which is just so perfect, you know us women love to talk.

And we also love to 'oooooh and ahhhhh' at gifts.

She did get some pretty special things.

And she also had some pretty special helpers.

Hope was so happy that I brought her along, and I must say she behaved beautifully all day.

And actually that is how I would describe the whole day. Beautiful.

Beautiful to see how many people love a little girl a world away. Beautiful to see friendships that support and love. And beautiful to think about how an orphans life is about to change forever.

Emaline Joy An, you are loved!


Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

I am SO EXCITED about Emaline and love that you guys threw a shower for B. :-)

Susie said...

That is so sweet of a post!! Lucky Emaline!!

Jami said...

What a pretty shower. That quilt is beautiful and I love your pants.