Monday, August 18, 2014

Highlight of the weekend was pumpkin latte news

Some weekends are just spent at home, hanging out, and getting JUNK done. Which I think are actually pretty fantastic weekends. Next weekend for us will be busy, but this one being super chill was pretty nice. 

The kids earn money every two weeks by completing a couple chores on a daily basis. Nothing too major, even though they sometimes act like making beds and taking out trash is the equivalent of CLIMBING MT EVEREST. However, like any working soul when that paycheck rolls in, they suddenly change their tune,  "can I have MORE jobs to earn even MORE money!" 

So the kids had some money burning some holes in their pockets and Target just happened to be calling their names. 

Hope strolled the isles, spotted this dress and exclaimed, "THAT IS GORGEOUS!" And their her hard earned Mt. Everest money went. 

Money well spent for our fashionista.

Pierce threw around a few ideas on how he could spend his money but opted for something that would only spend a portion of his money. Such a responsible soul.

He chose this interesting hat.

Besides their spending spree, the highlight of the weekend for the kids was making their mommy SCREAM with this lovely prank. They think they are SO HILARIOUS. (Actually it is funny, just don't tell them I said so)

And my highlight was NOT this.

Knee high in clothes for an upcoming consignment sale. Every time I do it I tell myself, I AM NOT DOING THAT AGAIN, and then who signs up again every year? I annoy myself.

The highlight of my weekend was the news that Starbucks plans to bring the pumpkin latte back early this year, August 25th to be exact. Pumpkin lovers unite!

Here's to a great week!

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Susie said...

Cute dress Hope!!