Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Run on.

So little man is all up in the running club now, and within 5 minutes of deciding running is fun he was signed up to do a race. 

Nothing like jumping in with both feet! 

Crack of dawn on Saturday he was up and ready to head out, (which technically is no different than normal seeing as 6:30 is sleeping in for him) while the rest of us that had to be blasted out of our beds. 

This was a 2k race for his age group, and I was thinking to myself, oh I bet there might be around fifty or so kids....

Yeah I was way wrong.

In his age group alone they said around 160.

And off he went!

In a sea of kids I finally didn't see him anymore.

Running for fun is just so foreign to me, but Paul ran all the time as a kid so he kept reassuring me that he would be just fine.

Daddy even had the timer going to see how long it would take him to finish.

Hope kind of just drug around kicking her feet waiting for all this to be over. We've asked her several times if she would like to join him and she always says the same thing, "no, it's just way too much running."

I finally heard Paul say, "there he is."

I wanted to run out there and offer him a sip of water. Or hug him. But instead I just yelled so he wouldn't need therapy or my husband wouldn't divorce me.

It was so hot that morning.

But he did it! 46 out of 160.

And in the end he said it was fun and he wanted to keep going. So I say, run on Pierce! Run on.

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Susie said...

Way to go Pierce!!