Thursday, August 21, 2014

Pounding the pavement

"Hey mom I would like to join the running club." 

"You mean you want to join a club that just runs for fun?" "Yeah I do." 

While I could never possibly understand running for fun, I can appreciate that he wants to do it. And with that, he was one of many kids lined up to begin an adventure of racking up the miles. 

Run Forrest Pierce, run!

They not only rack up miles they also teach the kids importance of stretching and making running fun.

Pierce is already signed up for a race, he's in it to win it!

But what this mushy mom really loves about it?

Watching him spend time with his best friend.

Pound that pavement little man!


Lynne and Nick said...

That's awesome! (Even though I'll never find running fun - ha!) :)

Jami said...

Is this a running club or is it cross country?

Either way it's pretty awesome.