Tuesday, August 5, 2014

We are entering our doom!

"I don't think I can breathe!"

"I feel like I'm about to give birth!"

"Could one of you guys break my hand so I can go to the hospital instead of going into school?" 

"We are entering our doom!"

These are all things that the kids were saying as we pulled into school for Open House last night. All through extreme laughter of course, but there was no doubt that they were both full of nerves! 

I heard so much throughout the Summer of who they hoped to get, and even more of who they hoped they wouldn't get. I briefly considered requesting teachers, but I decided to stay out of it. I just kept telling them, "no matter who you get it will be okay, and you have to learn to deal with it." Then I would share stories of teachers I didn't necessarily like, and years I was separated from my friends, as their eyes would glaze over. 

As we walked in my nerves took over too! Funny how the beginning of school always brings up those feelings of nostalgia.

The kids both got the teachers they really wanted.

I was ready to go into the, it's time to learn a life lesson mode, but for at least this very moment I don't have to.

I'm so excited for a great year of learning. (And please remind me of this excitement come mid March when I am flat over it.)


Susie said...

Glad they got who they wanted! It makes it a easier school year for them!

Jessica said...

Here's hoping day 1 was a good one!