Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Daddy/Daughter dance, best day of her life. PART TWO.

Weeks back I heard about something called the My Girl Valentine Dance, and I was immediately on the hunt for information. A dance for daddies and daughters? I DIE. I LOVE dancing, and I loved the idea of Paul taking Hope on a sweet date, so for me it sounded like a perfect time. 

I just needed to convince Paul and Hope. 

Hope originally was like, uh no. But with talks about her friends going and a new dress, she slowly warmed up to the idea. Hope is very outgoing, except in new situations she can be shy, so I knew the unknown of it would freak her out. 

Of course Paul is the furthest thing from shy, and he can dance for a white boy, so he was easy to convince. 


We talked about it for weeks, so that night I'm sure I was just as excited as she was. 

New dress, new shoes, new bow the size of Mt Rushmore....

And something else new. 

Paul had talked about getting her a corsage, but decided he would get her something she could keep forever instead.

She had no idea.

And I didn't know what he picked out, so it was just as much a surprise for me.

A sweet necklace to top it all off.

And I may have taken this many pictures, you know to the point of exhaustion. I COULDN'T HELP IT, I WAS SO EXCITED.

I teased Paul many times before that night telling him that it would probably be a night reminiscent of his high school days. You know he and his date sit at a table awkwardly twirling their thumbs, and eating bad dip. I had just convinced myself Hope would be too embarrassed to dance. 

I may have texted Paul a hundred few times, asking how the night was going, and in his I GIVE FEW DETAILS OVER TEXT persona, he would respond fine. 

Oh but he did finally give me, I'm sweating like I'm doing a Zumba class. So that was a clue that they were actually dancing. But I just had to wait until they walked through the door to get the details of the night, and it was sort of killing me. 

When Hope came through the door at the end of the night, she threw up her arms and declared it, THE BEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE

Did you guys dance?? 


It may have tore me up from the floor up not being there, but I was so happy they did something just the two of them. They don't get a lot of one-on-one time, but I have a feeling this is a new tradition. 

 Look who got flowers after all. 

Paul said they never sat down, and it was a room full of squealing happy girls.

He took quite a few pictures and lots of videos too, I was so proud.

Short little video of her getting down. 

When I tucked her into she just kept asking me, can I go again next year?

Yes baby, you can.

Oh, and I may have plans to wear all black and hide in the back next year. I'll keep you posted.


Susie said...

That is just the sweetest thing!! Love it that they both decided to go. It will be something they won't ever forget.

bethjosh said...

Best Post of the year!!! I loved this. How precious! :-)

Tracey said...

I'm so happy I was there to experience this with you. She was beautiful and Paul was precious doting over his daughter. <3

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Cutest, cutest, cutest! Love it.

Jaime Mac said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE this! What a fun tradition for her & her daddy! & that Hope has mad dancing skillz...

Lynne and Nick said...

She's adorable. And her dancing? Loved it!!