Friday, February 20, 2015

Surrender to the snow

I guess the snow buzz began sometime last week, all sorts of conversations that went something like this: Hey, we are supposed to get like 15 inches of snow! And then everyone would nod in agreement, you know if we get that much snow, this place will shut.down. 

We were already scheduled to be off of school Monday, but I woke up early out of sheer snow excitement! 

I tiptoed to the window and with slow morning eyes I slowly adjusted and realized my eyes were not deceiving me, we had REAL SNOW. As opposed to fake snow. You know what I mean though, not Boston level snow, but a good snow for Kentucky. 

It didn't take long before we were piling the kids up in layers and sending them on their way to play. 

Little wild monkeys in snow.

The snow was coming down at a good pace

So who knows, maybe we would get 15 inches?

This one here, well he thought the snow was so deep that he could do a cannon ball. OH MY WORD. I snapped a picture right as he landed, and you know hit his hiney on concrete.

PIERCE! What are you doing honey? This isn't water!!

Lesson learned.

Moving on.

 The first day wasn't very good sledding snow, but it was good climb up on the hill snow.

 They have played on this pile every. single. day.

Can't blame them, it's pretty fun.

I honestly thought we were going to get through this winter without a significant snowfall.

Yeah, I was wrong.

 As of today we've had the entire week off.

And we don't let the kids just have the fun, we've played too.

But the fun only lasts so long before the pain sets in, and we move back inside like sane people. (And for the record we ended up with 10 inches of snow on Monday)

 And they are calling for more snow/ice tonight, so maybe off next week too?

I will take my cue from my son and just surrender myself to whatever is to come. But send wine please. 


Susie said...

Beautiful snow pictures!! I am glad we only got about 7 inches. It was enough to shut our schools down all week too.

Jaime Mac said...

OH what a crazy week it has been! I love all the snow pics - it's just so pretty!

Jami said...

I love it that kids love it so much. Because I'm over it!!!!