Monday, February 2, 2015

Nathan time

My weekend was centered around this guy. 

I did manage to throw in some stuff that didn't involve him.

But for the most part, it was Nathan time.

I walked into Borden High School to watch Nathan play basketball and who did I look up and see?  My bestie's husband!

I was all like, ERIC! And then all, WHERE'S TRACEY?

Sad face, Tracey wasn't there, but we all had fun hanging out. Cause you know when you hang out with Eric Reid it's basically like hanging out with the mayor, because he knows ERRBODY.

Also absent, my baby who came down sick on Saturday. Blah.

But back to Nathan, who is now SIXTEEN!

And as you can see thrilled about it.

 Thankfully Hope perked up for the party.

She's pretty crazy about her cousins.

But we all feel that way.

I remember turning sixteen, and what a sweet age it was.

Of course when I look at my baby nephew I see the little boy who carried around a ball all the time, and took a bottle until kindergarten. Ha! But here he is growing up, and doing a fine job at it.

So glad I was there to celebrate you. Happy Birthday, Nathan.


Jami said...

Hilarious you ran into Eric. Of courser you would though, it's Eric.
Nathan is such a sweet kid.

Susie said...

Happy Birthday Nathan!! Glad to see that Hope is feeling better!