Tuesday, February 17, 2015

What's on my phone

Ever start going through your photos and think, OH YEAH I FORGOT ABOUT THAT?

 I do that all the time, and then I think I want to make sure I remember these moments. Like our Thursday night meet ups for Mexican, except now we are missing Olivia since she went and moved on us. :( 

Or the fact that I got to hold Emaline for the first time when we celebrated Luke's birthday.

Or all these sweet girls.

And I can't leave out what I was up to while Hope was away having THE BEST NIGHT OF HER LIFE. 

Sitting across the table from us was my bestie who came to see me. Pierce tagged along with us on Friday night, but luckily for him we can talk football just like a couple of dudes so it wasn't too painful for him.

It was a shorter visit, she only could stay one night.

But it was still so great.

One day I'm going to sift though all of our selfies and make a book, you know like Kim K did, except not so hoochie. Here's a little factoid about my selfies, I will always vie for the left side, right side selfies just don't do me justice. Okay, maybe I really am like Kim K?

Aren't my friends pretty? I love them!

And one last thing, isn't my great nephew ADORABLE? My mom took this photo, and it kills me. His cute little hat, those big blue eyes, my nephew lovingly looking at his son. KILL ME. 

So that's what on my phone, or was. Bowling Green got 10 inches of snow and we will be out of school the rest of the week.



Tracey said...

Thursday? I'm already begging for help TODAY.

Every time we get together, I'm all "I'm going to take some really great photos this weekend" and then it ends up just being a selfie or two. Sigh. ;-)

Lynne and Nick said...

loved the pictures. Y'all are so pretty. :)

Jaime Mac said...

LOVE that you & T got to spend some time together! Anything is better than nothing, right!
Yes, G - if you have a 'good side' you are SO Kim K... own it!