Friday, May 10, 2013

Flashback Friday!

I will blame my lack of Flashback Friday posts on ball, because I pretty much blame everything on ball right now..."no kids, you don't get dinner tonight, we have ball!" (I kid. Sort of

But with Mother's Day this Sunday, I decided to do a little ode to some swell moms I know. 

 I'll never forget when my sister became a mom. I was so worried she wouldn't like her kids, (I'm a loyal and confident sister like that) but then to watch her fall madly in love with a baby, was both surreal and comforting.

 But if you are reading this boys, YOU CAN STOP GROWING UP. Mmmm, k?

Of course, there's my mother-in-law.

She raised some great kids, and I gotta give her props for that! (And Tom, I gotta give you props for your mad-chops!)

Man, can anybody spot the Pierce clone?? Have mercy.

And I can't  flashback and not talk about my mom. (G was in utero)

You never really understand the joys, the worries, the heartbreaks, and just plain hard work your mom did until you step into the role yourself.

Thank you, mom.


Hillary said...

Oh how I love to see old pictures!! I can not get over how much P and your hubby look alike! Oh, I also love the expression that your hubby and his sister have in that first picture. Hilarious!!

Hope ya'll have a great weekend.


Susie said...

Great post!!

Lynne and Nick said...

pure sweetness. Happy Mother's Day!!

Hers and His said...

Oh my goodness! Paul and Pierce ... identical!

Tracey said...

Paul and Pierce... OMG.

The pic of you and your mom is presh!!

Alicia Mcafee said...

Shew! I am all caught up now!!! I love those pictures of Hope. (I know this is the wrong post.) ;)