Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Only 17 days left!

It's Tuesday night and I'm ready to go to bed, but I know of at least 4 people who want an update (HI MOM AND DAD!) so I'm doing my best to get a post ready. But it's gonna be lame-ola. 

Um, so life is just busy. 

We still make some time for play.  But mostly these days it feels like all we do is work, homework, and ball games. 

 I've noticed a shift at work, and everyone seems to be in the mode to be done with the year, especially  now that the weather has warmed up. We get outside for our lunch break, and everyone just talks about how ready they are.

And now that we see the date on the calendar...

I gotta say the excitement is in the air.

17 school days left! HOLLA.


Hillary said...

Ok, so I love the bow, love the selfie (you need to give me directions on how to do that...) and I especially luuurrrvvveee the nail polish! So fun!

Happy 17 days left!


Susie said...

I know I can't believe how fast this school year has gone!! Ellie finishes up next week!!

Jessica said...

We're on the same countdown at our house too. CAN NOT WAIT