Monday, May 6, 2013

The weekend. Fun for all.

Let's just go ahead and address first things first. 

What's up with the weather pattern??

Nice during the week, then a cold, rainy, dreary weekend?? Ridonkulous. 

And this weekend it was more of the same. Pooptastic weather, sending me into a napping/coma state. 

HOWEVER, the weather cooperated for my other half. 

Paul went out of town Friday night for some backpacking time with his crew, and where he was the weather really nice. 

But just a few hours away, the rain was coming down and in return canceling all baseball games.

What to do?

What to do?

Considering that Hope spends many hours a week at the ball field supporting her brother, I decided it was time to do something she would enjoy.

This is one of her sweet little kindergarten friends, and OH MYLANTA WAS SHE EXCITED TO GO DO SOMETHING WITH HER.

Wanna know something sad? The girl drama starts in kindergarten. (Just a heads up to you other girls moms, BRACE YOURSELF.)  But there are no issues with this little friendship, and that makes momma happy.

We had the sweetest morning.

Non-stop talking and giggling, and just plain ol' girly fun.

At least for the ones with two XX chromosomes.

Pierce was dy-ing.

A slow, painful, boy-surrounded-by-two-giggling-girls death.

But even in the midst of a rain-soaked, girl-infused weekend I made sure he had some fun too.

He adores crushing his mom in basketball.

 And I kinda adore it too.

Soooooo, as it stands, Paul has had a fun weekend forging the wilderness. Hope had a fun weekend being all giggly and stuff. And Pierce had a fun weekend dominating mom. 

So, what was G's fun? 

Well, lemme tell you....

Doing a minimum of 12 loads of laundry with my new washing machine. HOLLA. 

And if I dare say it, I had the most fun of them all. 


Hillary said...

What a fun weekend and ohmygosh those pictures are amazing! Did Rico take them himself?? :)


Susie said...

I agree this weather stinks!! Glad they kids got to enjoy themselves this weekend any ways!!

Tracey said...

I'm glad Paul had a good trip! :)

You're a good momma. I'm sure Hope enjoyed some girl-focused time!!

Jami said...

I love it that you do girly stuff, and I'm sure Hope did too.

Anonymous said...

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Kerry said...

Of course you did, what's not to love about loads of laundry? That is some really ugly countryside where your husband is, geez the poor guy had to look at that view all weekend? ;)
Glad you all had a good weekend, hope you get a beautiful week weatherwise xo