Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Nice long weekend

The Memorial Day weekend, the official kickoff to summer....

Perfect time to finally get to the pool.

Or was it?

Um yeah, with the the abnormally cool Spring we've had, the water temps were too much for the kids. They did their best, but only lasted about 20 minutes.

The rest of the time they spent outside the water

And in general discomfort.

So my grand idea of swimming the weekend away was a bust.

So what then?

No swimming, yet still a nice weekend...

Thankfully I've got this husband who thinks of things I never would entertain.

And thankfully we've got these two kids open to most anything.

 Ahhhh, fishing. A real blast.

Like for 10 minutes, then the boredom sets in.

Pierce must have moved his line 27 times.

And Hope found other things to occupy her time.

Like sunning...

Or breaking into random dance.

 But there's no need to pay attention when you have a daddy that takes care of your line for you.

He's a good daddy.

And as far as me?

I was there to cheer on and give moral support from the sidelines.  And complain.

You know, just doin' what I do.

 I was actually kind of sad at the start of the weekend, we had no plans and I was just all mopey about it.

But I eventually got over the pity party and just enjoyed my family.

Thankful for a nice long weekend, and that I only have 5 more working days! HOLLA!


Tracey said...

Fishing seems like the most boring thing ever! But, Paul is a good daddy for taking them. ;)

Happy you're coming home this weekend!

Hillary said...

So fun! Hope it warms up soon for you guys! I keep meaning to tell you that the other day Graham and I were talking about all the other things we could do this summer (other than play on the computer or game system) and he said "We could have a dance party!" and I totally thought of ya'll and just died laughing :)!

Happy Tuesday! xoxox

Susie said...

Nice weekend to fish. Fun family time!!

Jessica said...

Glad you had a great weekend! Countdown----4 more work days -yhea!

Jami said...

I do not have the courage to take the kids swimming yet, water is just way too cold.

Since Steve has to work about 50% of the time on holidays, I get mopey too. I always think I married into the wrong profession. :)