Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Let's just dwell on the fun




It can only mean one thing....


And Papaw, were here for a visit!

And what a great visit it was!

My parents came down here with two objectives:

1) Watch Hope in her kindergarten program

2) Watch Pierce play some baseball

They accomplished those two, but I had one more idea up my sleeve....

Since I'm now a working woman, I knew I was going to have to miss field day. Blah. That made me sad.

But then I had a grand idea!

How about my parents join Paul at field day?


Seriously, who needs mom when your grandparents can show up?

Grandparents always trump parents.

My mom texted me updates throughout the morning.

Like when Hope was about to run her race.  (Can you see her back there? Pink hat on)

And I think I responded, "oh poor baby, she's slow like her mom"

BUT CHECK OUT WHO WON.  Way to prove me wrong Hopie!

And then?

Pierce won too!

I was so sad I was missing all of it,  but I so appreciated Paul and my parents stepping in.

I mean, our kids must think they are rock stars, just look at my mom down there snapping away on her phone.

And my dad down there filming away.

You know, I would imagine this will be a day that they never forget, their daddy and  their grandparents showing up to cheer them on.  So sweet.

It's good to share these visits

And make these memories.

The only problem is they have to end.

So until next time

Let's just dwell on all the fun we had.


Susie said...

Way to go Hope and Pierce on winning!! What great parents to step in for you.

Jami said...

So much fun! And for the record, I hated field day. It's not for the athletically challenged.

Jessica said...

Looks like a great time! This time of year is so much fun for all of us.

Tracey said...

So glad you guys had a fun weekend!! Grandparents are the best :)

Look at your kids rocking it out at field day!! Woo hoo!