Friday, September 27, 2013


 Just sitting here thinking about where we are this week and the latest goings-ons. In general our days are just the same day-to-day, with the occasional wrench thrown in. The same day-to-day thing can get tiring can't it?  I'm working on contenment. Be content ALWAYS, not sure why that one is so difficult, I guess because I'm a selfish creature. Be content with the day-to-day...

But let me tell you what brightens up any day, FINALLY receiving a picture of Jaclyn holding Camden. NO joke, I was beginning to think that I just made Jaclyn up in my mind. I mean it had been like three weeks since I had seen a picture of her, that's ridiculous Jaclyn. But I proudly look at this picture of sweet Jaclyn and smile. I can't wait to see you guys again!

Another fun spot in the week?

Uh, new boots.

Hope's first pair of REAL cowgirl boots, and she could not be happier about it. I totally don't blame her.

Sometimes all a day needs is a good book. Right?

And then there are times when a scarf can just put the dippity-do-da in your day-to-day routine.

But if I'm ever just needing a good laugh, or a little pick-me-up in my typical day-to-day life, I have found my solution.

I look at this picture of our friend Matt and instantly I'm cured.

The end.


Jami said...

Jaclyn- looks so happy and beautiful.
Hope- I die, really I die! Those are too much!
Pierce- can you blame him? It's Star Wars, the greatest franchise ever!
G- well you look so dang pretty it makes me sick. I still love you though.
Oh and Matt- no words for that guy.

Susie said...

It is s good to have just ordinary days going on!! That is what is happening with me nothing much to report yet till vacation!! Great pictures though!!

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Suddenly I want to meet Matt more than I've ever wanted to meet anyone in my whole life.

Tracey said...

Yay - a pic of Jaclyn!! So sweet :)

That picture of Matt, well, it is just priceless. I could order an 11x14 for my wall and never want anything else in life...

melanie said...

laugh out loud! Good heavens, I rolled out of my chair laughing at the last pic. As ever you turn the day to day readable and enjoyable with an amazingly grown up boy named pierce, new shopping treasures for you or hope with beautiful pics to match; but never did I expect that pic of Matt to be at the bottom. Hilarious!

Jessica said...

I love her boots :) and I sometimes come to the realization that the day to day is just such a blessing in my that it seems to be easy to overlook!

The Utley Crew said...

Oh my goodness...I can't stop laughing at that photo...poor Matt! All of us getting a good laugh at his expense! I LOVE it!!