Friday, September 6, 2013

Meet the great-grandparents

I can finally share some pictures of the great-grandparents meeting Camden for the first time. 

And while I am thrilled to show these pictures, I do have a bone to pick with Jaclyn.

JACLYN IT'S HIGH TIME WE SEE YOU WITH THE BABY.  Please don't make me drive up there and smack you around.

But I am happy to report that she's recovered completely from her ordeal, and now they are at home. Where I am sure they are experiencing a love like they've never known before, along with a fatigue like they've never known before.

Parenthood, it's a trip!

But back to my parents....

I love these pictures.

I think it's awesome they get to experience being great-grandparents while they are still young and healthy.

But I just HAVE to share one more picture, that is not of my parents.

This is Christopher and Jaclyn's dog, Ellie, a Great Dane, and come on, how sweet is this? This dog is HUGE. (I remember the first time I met her, I walked around a corner and she approached me and I honestly thought it was some sort of a freakish horse. And I *may* have screamed like a little girl.)


*indicates there were indeed screams. 


Tracey said...

Camden and the dog - PRESH! And, the one of your mom and dad on the couch...that's a framer!!!! So, so sweet!!!!

Susie said...

So precious!! Nothing like a grandbaby or great grandbaby!!

melanie said...

awwww.....babies draw out the biggest smiles. love