Wednesday, September 11, 2013

My little face buddy

Well I finally heard from the dermatologist, and I'm happy to report that my biopsy results came back and it is NOT skin cancer. 

Here's the lowdown:

"Hello, Mrs. Bush, I'm calling to give you the results of your biopsy. First of all, I'm happy to tell you that it's not skin caner. So, good news!"

"Oh yes, good!"

"It's something called, flifaflifaloofa"

(Or at least that's what I heard) 

But what she technically said was, folliculitis.  Which is just a big fancy term for inflamed hair follicle. 

I was of course relieved to hear that my little buddy is not any form of cancer, and I guess I was just busy thinking, SHEW, so I forgot to ask how long this little buddy of mine might stick around. 

Here we are, weeks later and it's still here. 

So I've decided I'm just gonna embrace my little face buddy and make it a part of my life.


Kerry said...

That is good news!!! Getting it cut out will just result in a scar anyway...
You are the only one who will notice it :)

Hillary said...

Yay for an inflamed hair follicle!! :)


Tracey said...

Two more days till I get to meet your buddy!

Jaime Mac said...

Glad to hear it's nothing ominous. I mean, it could be worse than a inflamed hair could be an AGE SPOT. (Oh, the humanity...)