Monday, September 30, 2013

Another good visit

It's Monday and I've decided to treat Monday as an equal. No more Monday prejudice. It's a new me, a new leaf if you will. 

Besides how can I be bugged that it's Monday when we just ended a good weekend. 

Good because my parents came for a visit. 

Of course we were so glad to see them!

So glad that I ditched them the first night and headed to Nashville. I KID.

 These plans had been set in motion long before my parents said they were coming down, but the kids didn't mind one bit that they got to hang out at the hotel, and I was extra grateful for an entire night, sans children.

Saturday we ditched the stinky boys and us girls put a hurtin' on the retail world.

But honestly the best thing is just having them around.

We miss being near our families.

And I'm very grateful for each and every visit. 

Love my family!


Susie said...

Fun times with family!!

Jami said...

You going to do another blog post about Nashville? Looks fun!

Tracey said...

Miss you.