Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Welcome to the world, Camden Carter

As I sat on the couch Friday night nodding off like the old lady I am, I was suddenly jarred wide awake when my cell phone rang. 

The screen read: Dad

And I just sat and looked at it for a few seconds afraid to answer. 

First of all my dad doesn't really call me very often, second it was 11:30 his time, so I immediately got a pit in my stomach, I knew something was wrong. 

When I finally answered I was expecting him to say something was wrong with mom.....

Hey honey, you awake?


Jaclyn is in the hospital, she's got something called HELLP syndrome, and it's life threatening, they have to induce her tomorrow....

After we finished our conversation I of course got up to google HELLP syndrome, and YIKES, it's NO JOKE. 

Paul and I talked and we decided a very unplanned trip up to Indiana would happen Saturday morning, because ready or not, Camden was coming three weeks early. 

I went to bed Friday night thinking Jaclyn would be induced Saturday morning, and who knows maybe we could make it on time for the birth??

But I heard my text at 6 in the morning from Jo, Jaclyn was in worse shape and she was going in for an emergency c-section. 

And because of her condition she had to be put under, and Christopher would not be allowed in the room either. 

The parents wouldn't see the birth. :-( 

That was heartbreaking to hear, I knew they must have been so sad. But most important was that Jaclyn was okay.

And then....

Standing in my bathroom, I got word that he had been born.

Thankfully Jo and Chris were there for Christopher, but the other sad part? My parents were still on a trip out West for their 50th anniversary. They missed the birth of their first great-grandchild.

Suddenly I was kicking into high gear, I had a new nephew I wanted to go see.

And the texts and pics kept coming in.

Can we spell a-n-x-i-o-u-s? Oh yes we can, it's goes like this, G-R-E-T-C-H-E-N.

That two hour drive, oh wait Paul was driving, that hour-and-a-half drive, felt like an eternity to me. but finally...


Look at him!

Three weeks early, and a good size! If she would have made it another three weeks he probably would have 8-9 pound baby.

At this point Jaclyn was still totally out of it, so all we got was a peek through the window. Seeing Jaclyn and holding that sweet baby boy would have to wait.

While lunch with my family is always welcome, we all were mighty anxious. You know chicken is not much of a substitute for a baby.

A chicken wrap and cat-nap later, we got word we could go in the room to see our sweet Jaclyn and meet the newest Robinson.


Jo and I are great-aunts!!! My brother is a grandpa! MIND-BLOWN. (Chris wasn't around at this point, so no pics of him holding him, sorry bro.)

But you know that anyone holding this sweet baby had G up in their face snapping away.

I mean, come on.

I die.

You know I haven't had a baby on my side of the family since Nathan was born. I mean I had my own of course, but I mean a baby I can snuggle, love on, and then send home. HOW EXCITED AM I?

Even Uncle Paul broke down and held him. You know babies just aren't his thing.

How a baby can't be someones thing is beyond me, I mean LOOK AT THIS FACE.

And my baby just had to look from a distance, but she's DYING to get her hands on her "baby cousin."

And the moment I had been waiting for?

To see our "fifer-john" hold his child.

You guys, he's a dad.

Seriously surreal to see this.

I know he will be a great daddy.

Just as Jaclyn will be a great mommy.

But she wasn't having any pictures taken, she had been through A LOT, and felt bad. And as this point, she's still not out of the woods. Hemoglobin needs to go up, enzymes need to go down, and platelets needs to go up. Poor girl has been through it! Her birth story will trump all.

As soon as I can, I will post pictures of her too. :-)

But for now I will leave with this sweet face.

Welcome to the world Camden Carter, and welcome to our family. I can guarantee that you will never lack in love.


Hillary said...

He's beautiful!! He's so blessed to be part of such a wonderful family!


Jaime Mac said...

WOW I know how you felt being anxious. This great aunt went through some scary moments as well.

Glad Jaclyn is 'ok' & Camden is a cutie! Congrats to the whole family!

Susie said...

Glad all came out ok!! Hope Jaclyn heals fast!! He is adorable!!! Fun times for the family!!

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Camden is beyond precious ... but I'm anxious to hear more about Jaclyn! Hope to hear really positive news soon.

The Utley Crew said...

So gorgeous, and many prayers for Jaclyn. Hope to hear more good news about Jaclyn, and see more sweet photos SOON!!! :) Congrats, to the whole family!! Babies are SO exciting! I love it!!

Jessica said...

What a beautiful baby! That sounds very scary, and hope that all will be well soon.

Tracey said...

Welcome Camden!!!!! :-) I love that you guys will have a baby to dote all over at Christmas time.

Jill said...

Welcome, Baby Camden! {LOVE the name!} My sis-in-law had HELLP with Allison {who was born at 28 weeks}. It is definitely no joke. So glad Jaclyn is doing okay.

Granny G said...

Woohoo! Beautiful baby. Congrats!

Lynne and Nick said...

congrats to the family, and prayers for Jaclyn.

Jami said...

He is one seriously cute baby.
I love it that you take on the crazy aunt role so well.
Thankful everything turned out good, I know that must have been a scary night.

Beth, Joshua, Isabella, McKinley and AnnaKate said...

He is beautiful!!!!

Kerry said...

Congrats on becoming a Great Aunt!! I was desperately trying to follow along with the whos who of your family and I think I have it figured out now :) Your brother must be a young Grandad!! I tell you, if my kids make me a Grandmother before I am at least 50I will scream!! He's beautiful Gretchen, I hope his mummy recovers quickly from the birth xo