Thursday, September 5, 2013

No stinky boys allowed

You know what super sad? 


That's our youngest hanging onto her daddy's neck because he's leaving her to go backpacking. (Or should I say, he's leaving to take our son into the woods TO BE EATEN ALIVE.)

Yeah, that's sad.

She was pretty brokenhearted.

But never fear! Mommy swooped in with the promise of material things and food, and then all happiness was restored.

First up I decided to treat her to a pedicure...

We decided that this was the weekend of the girls, and the first, and really only rule was, NO STINKY BOYS ALLOWED.

Putting that spin on the idea of the boys leaving, made the reality of the boys leaving, all good.

Even though a couple times she did stop me to say she was still sad.

But let me tell you what really made it impossible to be sad.

There is never-ever-ever a possibility to remain sad, when you have pink-n-polka-dot toes.

The end.

**A little side note, we found out the the things that attacked the boys were mites, which means my theory is indeed correct, NOTHING GOOD HAPPENS WHEN YOU CAMP.**


Hillary said...

What a fun day out with Mama!


Tracey said...

Mites are stupid.

Love Hopie's tosies!!

Susie said...

Fun day with mom!! Glad it wasn't ticks that bit them!!

Jami said...

Hope is too much, and that smile with all those missing teeth, Ah-dorable!

Jessica said...

Girls days are just awesome! I'll take a pedicure and yogurt over camping and bugs any day!

Kerry said...

So glad you girls enjoyed some time together, those are some cute little polk-a-dotted toesies!!
Ahh mites, yuck, that'll teach 'em ;)