Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Celebrating life

So when you have a loved one die, suddenly you don't feel much like blogging. I mean how do I go on about the minutia of life when that happens? 

I'm not really sure, except that I know that life keeps moving. 

One morning I was in the bathroom at my parents house and the sun was coming up, and seeing that I'm all reflective right now, I took it in differently. My Aunt Linda had a life full of sunrises and now I'm having my life of sunrises. 

Soak it in. 

Live it up. 

Life is short so enjoy it. 

And please don't mind me while I'm sappy for a while

Oh and let me tell you what brought smiles to all our faces this weekend...

What a nice distraction it was to look over and see this sweet little face.

But of course it made me sad. RIGHT NOW EVERYTHING MAKES ME SAD.

It was just a strange weekend.

On one hand we were saying goodbye, and on the other we were celebrating life. Linda's life and our Nathan's life.

And it was nice to have something fun to celebrate after Saturday.

 We needed the laughter.

And time to just hang out.

And this young man is going to be 15.

That means driving and girlfriends and all that ridiculousness.

So yes, it was a reflective weekend.

A weekend with a lot of tears

But also a lot of laughter.

Celebrating life.


Susie said...

Glad you got to enjoy the weekend in spite of the sadness!!

Hillary said...

What a wonderful way to celebrate your Aunt! From the way you have described her she sounds like a wonderful lady. I'm sure the time that you spent together celebrating and remembering her was just what she would have liked!


Tracey said...

I'm glad I got to see you, even if it was just for a couple of hours. Love you :)

Lynne and Nick said...

Definitely a bittersweet weekend for all of you. I love those family dinner photos. That's a great tradition!

bethjosh said...

beautifully written!

Jaime Mac said...

I will give you a pass for the sappiness....
Yes, it's ok to laugh...very therapeutic. I'm sure Aunt Linda was laughing w/ you...

Jami said...

Girl, you are always sappy!

I love you for it though. Love you and miss you!