Friday, January 31, 2014

Flashback Friday!

When I came across this photo the other day, I stopped in my tracks. 

My gosh, who are those poor children and what did I do to them? 

Bruised little legs and dirty little feet. Solemn little faces and sweat on their brows. Sad little lunches of hot dogs and pretzels. And an even sadder set-up of a cooler for a table. 

Are these poor children abused?

Are the neglected?


Some do call it abuse...

 But actually it's camping.

And they loved every minute of it, as sad and abused as they look.

P.S. I miss these days.


Susie said...

How cute!!

Hillary said...

That's how you know your kids had a great time! :) If they come home exhausted and dirty then it was wonderful! And look at teeny tiny baby Hope. Bring her back!! :)

Happy Friday friend! xoxox

Tracey said...

I miss those days, too.