Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Yes it's 2014, here's my Christmas post

So yes it's 2014 and I suppose I should be doing some sort of, 'it's a New Year so let's be reflective post' but here's Christmas instead. 

Christmas had finally come....

Kids were up at their usual time, but we always hold them off for at least 20 minutes

When they came down the steps I noticed they had somewhat "fixed" themselves up

Cracked me up that Pierce put on a sweater.

 They EAGERLY dove in, and Hope was ecstatic about getting a loom. And we have dozens of bracelets and random rubber bands in odd places to prove it!

Pierce threw me for a loop this year when he told me he wanted clothes. CLOTHES?! I mean just look at his little feet that don't touch the floor yet, and he wants clothes?

All the thought, effort and stress is always worth it in the end when you see how excited they are.

And I got a sweet little surprise too.

The kids along with their daddy had been up to something for a couple weeks, but I could never figure out what...

Frames they made just for me. They picked their individual themes and colors and put a lot of hard work into them. SWEETNESS.

But that was just our little Christmas as a family, we still had the big kahuna awaiting us.

But we know how to make little children suffer by stringing it out, because you know the adults want food first!

As we all huddle around the food until we get word that we can pounce.

Thankfully there were plenty of distractions.

Who would have thought that my sweet little girl would find a whoopee cushion SO AMUSING!

But finally it was time....

We started out nice and slow

Sort of leisurely opening.

 But somewhere along the way

We started to speed up

And then it was kind of crazy town for a while.

Until I got word from my dad that Hope was on the verge of tears because she didn't get "the one thing I asked for over and over again."

Which by the way that message was delivered to me from a father who looked like he might put a head on a platter. Papaw was upset his granddaughter was sad.

But never fear, it was there all along. SUPER NEENA TO THE RESCUE, and Hope finally got that Easy Bake Oven she had been asking for since October.

And can you tell I got a new lens for my camera?

I put that thing on and started to snap away

Which I guess isn't any different than normal, is it? I get a lot of heat for all the pictures I take..

But I think when we will look back one day and appreciate all these moments.


I know I do.

So much can change in a year.

And I'm thankful for another Christmas of sweet memories made

And for parents who always put forth such effort to make it special.

Christmas 2013 in the books.


Susie said...

Sounds like a great Christmas!! I love the homemade Christmas gifts from the kids. They are always the best ones!! I know how you feel about taking pictures!! Snap away!!

Jaime Mac said...

You & your pics are def not appreciated in your time. Once you're gone-they'll miss ya. ;)
Is it strange to not be at your home for christmas morning?

Jessica said...

Looks like you guys had a great Christmas , happy new year!

Jami said...

Looks like this is the year of looms and arrows. I want to be a Robinson.